Established in 1969
Established in 1969

Sencor was founded in Japan in 1969. Today, SENCOR supplies more than 1,000 types of products in six assortment groups to 35+ countries worldwide.

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Our recipes
Our recipes Be inspired by the recipes that we have created in cooperation with well-known bloggers. We focused on tasty, natural and nutritious ingredients and beautiful presentation.

Our recipes

Chocolate-nuts pies with Christmas tree

Chocolate and nuts go well together. Adding delicious Christmas tree shaped decorations will impress people.


(for 3 tarts)


•    4 eggs
•    3/4 glass of flour
•    1/3 glass of sugar
•    1 tsp of baking powder
•    1 full tbs cocoa
•    1/2 glass of hazelnuts


•    1 glass of milk
•    1/2 packet blancmange
•    1 tbs sugar(if blancmange is not sweetened)
•    2 tbs soft butter


•    1 1/2 milk chocolate
•    1 dark chocolate (including about 70% cocoa)


Separate egg whites from yolks. Mix yolks with baking powder and set aside to rise. Whisk egg whites with blender (using the whisking arm), add sugar and continue processing. Add hazelnuts to the chopping container and chop. Combine egg whites with the set yolks. Sieve flour, cocoa and chopped hazelnuts to the egg mixture. Combine delicately, place on a wide baking tray (you can use an oven tray - the wider the surface, the better). Bake for about 20 minutes at 180°C degrees.
Set aside and cut 9 rings by using a glass.

HINT: you can keep and dry the leftovers to use as a base for a future dessert.  

Prepare cream. Cook blancmange with milk and sugar, then set aside. Add butter to blancmange and blend with standard arm.

Set the tart in 3 layers, spreading chocolate mousse between each of them. After melting milk chocolate in a water bath (or in a microwave) put it on the top and on the sides.
Melt dark chocolate, put it into a tube made of parchment paper and squeeze it onto another sheet of parchment paper and cut out 6-arm stars (you should get 3 sets of stars, 4-5 pieces in each lot). To make this easier, it is best you use a pencil to draw 3 sets of rings on parchment paper and then fill them in by squeezing the star shapes.

Put into the fridge until it hardens. Remove them carefully from the parchment paper and link them together by using the chocolate, arranging from the biggest to the smallest so that they create a Christmas tree design.
Put such a Christmas tree on the top of each tart. Top with icing sugar.